October 2022


The Beginning....

Last night, Shelli went to the Emergency Room due to intense and unrelenting pain in her abdomen, received a CT Scan, and had a fairly confident diagnosis of Cancer.

We don't know the details, other than her small intestines and her liver are involved, and we saw the look of urgency on the surgeon's face.

Please pray.  God is good, and our hope is in Him.

And as we were reminded last night, the God of the universe, the Creator and Sustainer of all, is more than simply the God of our health.  He is that, yes -- but He is so much more.  He hears us when we call on Him, and He wants to grant the desires of our hearts.  But He reserves the right to use our pain for our good and for His glory.

And we rest in Him.


Shelli was able to have her CT-Guided Biopsy this morning. They took five samples from her liver, all without complications, and she healed up well in the hours that followed. We returned home before the end of the day, and have a follow-up appointment scheduled for a week from tomorrow to go over the results, and to look at treatment options. Although, if it all comes together, the results will come sooner and the doctor will give us a call.

We are evaluating what to do about Nutrition right now. There is a doctor near Atlanta that doesn't 'treat' cancer, but rather looks at Dietary Hygiene, with good results. Cash. Out of Pocket. It wouldn't replace treatment, but would be used in conjunction with it. Pray for wisdom, please, as research is in full-swing.


Shelli's results from Monday's biopsy have returned, positive for a rare form of cancer, identified as Neuro-Endrocrine Tumors (G3). We have the follow-up appointment with the surgeon who performed the biopsy this coming Tuesday to get the official explanation about what the results mean, but the referral to Tennessee Oncology has been initiated.

The G3 classification doesn't have a clear path forward from the research we've done, but we're expecting that our Google Doctor-ing isn't as complete as their Medical Doctor-ing.

Shelli's parents are arriving tonight from Minnesota, as support.

Thank you for all your prayers. Pray specifically for wisdom in the way forward and peace in each day.

We are confident that God will do what brings us the most good, and Him the most Glory.

Cancer Journey: