October, November & December 2023


Here we are, one year, thirteen trips to Mayo, and five rounds of radiation later
and our God is good. He is sweet and present, and He continues to lovingly stretch
and grow our faith.  This fifth, this second-to-last round of Lu-177 is complete,
and we are now home.  The pain, the dizziness, and the fatigue all come and go -
and so it's manageable. Especially as God bends low, and meets us where we are.


On Monday Shelli had another CT-Scan. The tumors were without change over the past couple of months. No growth is absolutely a success with this cancer. So, good news!

Naturally, we were hoping for further reduction, and even though we pray for miracles, we are satisfied with God’s presence no matter what He chooses. Christ rules, and we are grateful.


It was a quick trip in, for the routine Safety Check.  With the pain that Shelli is intermittently experiencing, they want to check in on her Gall Bladder.  Apparently, the monthly shot has a side-effect: Gall Bladder issues. 
They want to check that out on her next visit, so the ultrasound is scheduled for early January.

Cancer Journey: