It's been three months and we're back.  The second post-treatment scan was completed today -- the first comparison against the baseline.  When the doctor walked in the room, she had a big grin on her face and announced how the results are the best thing possible: No change!  Hallelujah!

It would seem that at this point the radiation has arrested the growth of the cancer.  Every three months we will return for another comparison, which means three more months of living for the One who gives us life.


It's been a month, and as the commute to work can be done on autopilot, we somehow found our way back to Mayo.  I think we were too excited, knowing that we would be backing off from making this trip, that we forgot that we already had another one planned -- not for treatment, but for the first post-treatment scan.  This scan, which we just completed, will operate as the baseline by which all future scans will be measured.  Naturally, all scans are considered, but this is an important one.

Naturally, these scans can be done anywhere, but as we're part of this Clinical Trial, it's done here.  At this time we learned that stable is better.  If the tumors shrink, the NET experts have come to realize that the tumors can just as easily bounce back.  If the tumors don't change, if their growth is arrested, then they have a tendency to stay smaller over a longer period of time.

We've been coming to Rochester, MN every 3-weeks, on average, since October 2022.  We won't be back for 3-months, at this point.
Watchful waiting can now begin!



Round Six, the last round of the Clinical Trial, is now complete. We are not done with the Trial, per se, but we are done with the treatment portion of the trial. Shelli has had six rounds of Dotatoc Radiation administered, and now we have to see how it works.

And so Shelli returns in February for a CT Scan, which will operate as a post-trial baseline. Then, our trips to Mayo will reduce in frequency - from every three weeks, to every three months. The plan is to monitor from this point. It is expected that the tumors will grow again, and that another form of treatment will be needed - but not for a while. They have thrown around the phrases, "a couple of years," as well as "maybe 2-3 years," before they will need to do the next thing. We are smiling from ear to ear, and praising our good, good Father.

We are looking forward to this next phase. The one of watchful rest.

Additionally, a couple of weeks ago, we were here for the routine Safety Check. At that time, they let us know that they needed to check in regarding the Gall Bladder. Apparently the monthly shot to help alleviate Shelli's NET symptoms, the Sandostatin shot, sometimes has an effect on whatever it is that the Gall Bladder produces, making it sludgy and causing pain. An ultrasound was scheduled for this trip, to determine if there was any inflammation, and if there was something else that might be needed - it's not, and there isn't. More Hallelujahs!

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