The very word, ‘Gender’:

The very word, ‘Gender’:

I remember in grade school, or maybe it was Middle School, being taught the difference between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’.  It was definitely when studying English; this I know.  As it should be to every child, the very use of the word ‘sex’ seemed scandalous to my young ears. But I know for sure that I learned the distinction more concretely when I was studying the German language in High School.

Sex is all about biology; people and animals. Gender is all about words and non-living things. A boat is feminine, a person is female. A train is masculine, an animal is male. A rock is neuter, and therefore it is ‘it’. Anything that is more than one, anything plural, is ‘they’. This is English and, perhaps, this is every other language, throughout all of space and time

Yet we are told ‘no more’, in the past couple of years. In trying to navigate this woke-world, I have learned how this word ‘gender’ has shifted in its use and meaning, and is now being applied to people. Doing so is in line with queer-theory, not biology.

How have we come to live by such a lie as this, and to accept an assumption which is clearly refutable by observation? I can see the answer as being two sides of the same coin – namely the denial of creation, and the accepting of Marxism.

The accepting of Marxism:

Queer-theory, which is a sub-set of Critical Theory, as in CRT, officially came to America in the 1990’s, but it is not new.  Critical Theory is Marxism defined. (Strange how, in order to insist upon ‘Oppressor’ and ‘Oppressed’, the definitions of other words must change.) Critical Theory was establishing its roots in the 1940’s, before Joseph McCarthy tried to extricate those enemies of the state. America had recently finished the second world war, and the very evils we fought against were playing the long-game on this side of the Atlantic. Even still, it’s a single-person’s lifetime of less than 75-years.

As McCarthyism was shamed into the closet, Critical Theory came out of it and gained ground in academia and the arts. With the second sexual revolution, the misapplication of the word ‘gender’ started to happen, and no one noticed. Now, 20-years later, everyone is noticing.  In good Marxist fashion, the tactic of shaming ‘the oppressors’, those who recognize that people are created male or female, continues.

The denial of Creation:

How many animals are not their ‘gender assigned at birth’? What if I identify as a 250-pound 6’3” Native-American female dragon? What if the bunny in the field no longer identifies as prey, but instead as a mountain lion? What a joke, by the way. Where does this end? To think that we will not believe our senses, but instead think that science is about denying what can be observed and tested. I can’t help but speculate that if the sciences (see what I did there?) hadn’t been divorced from their origin – that is, if the whole field remained connected to Christ and His handiwork – then Marxism, in all of its various forms, would still have no credibility.  (I wonder how to test that hypothesis?)

Somewhere along the way, though, science also became about feelings and politics; about atheism. Is power all that is left when God is cut out? Maybe? And most people are not in power – and nobody is in a position of ultimate power. I think we are reaching the logical, absurd conclusion. I can only hope we’re in the endgame, anyway. At some point the ship has to right itself. Or sink.

Declaring what God has already declared:

Which brings me to the prediction that everybody who reads the Bible and can connect dots also comes to: It’s about to get a lot worse, and soon. Yet I don’t see that as being doom and gloom – not even slightly. I rather see it as what our Lord Jesus Christ promised 2000-years ago. He has always said that His first incarnation was about salvation and grace offered freely to all who will believe, and that His return will be about coming in wrath and justice, to all who don’t. No surprise there – it’s spelled out in the most famous verse of the Bible and the verses that immediately follow: John 3:16-21. And repeated in Revelation 11:15-19.

As the world makes itself the enemy of God, as those who gnash their teeth at him by how they fight against His goodness and order, God laughs (Psalm 2). Lord willing, He will continue to grant me the faith to stand and rest in Him confidently, no matter the assaults that come against His name (Matthew 24:12-13). Because I am His, and He is mine, I expect to get hit also (Romans 8:17).

Abide in Him, people of God. He will do His work and have His way for His glory (Matthew 25:31-34) – to which He invites us and paid the way.