That's not fair!

Sometimes we give and don’t receive in return. Sometimes we receive when we never gave in the first place. There is no fair and there is no easy. But that’s okay, because our Lord has only ever given to us, and what could we possibly give Him in return? The only thing I can think of is everything: our time, our thoughts, our energy, our rights, our comforts, and our sense of fair. 

He calls us heirs, as though we are His equal. We all know that’s laughable – unless we have the ability to create whole universes out of nothing, and unless we can thwart the plans of the deceiver over a history of thousands of years: nope.  I can barely keep a fish alive for a month, let alone make one from atoms, after having first made the atoms. We are so dependent upon Him for everything – we couldn’t take our next breath if we didn’t have Him giving it to us, as well as Him giving us the lungs to receive it. We have nothing to offer, as even our everything (if that were remotely possible), is on the far side of pitiful. 

To quote Rich: “But if my darkness can praise your light, then give me breath, and I’ll give my life to sing your praise.” I think this may have been part of what CS Lewis was thinking when he was surprised by joy. It’s what God brings in the midst of all the unfairness – we are being called by the One, who in order to remain perfect requires perfection to surround Him, as He provides us with His very own perfection. And so: heirs. Crazy good, crazy unbelievable, crazy unfair.