Biden has United America

As I write this, Hamas reared its ugly head earlier this month with the bloodiest attempt to destroy Israel since World War II, and the Israelis have stepped up and into the fray. The assault on the Jewish people isn’t new, but it sure seems weird thing this time – they are getting blamed for not submitting to their own destruction. There are pro-Hamas marches in previously-identified Christian nations, and many American “Christians” are mocking the Jewish state openly on X and Gab. Using the devil’s logic, these people twist Scripture in support of their desired genocide. We might not have known just how evil the Nazis were in regard to the Jewish people as we entered the fray of WWII – but we do now. So why is it cool in this day and age to march for Palestine?


My great-grandchildren are apparently going to help fund this war, even though we started it by giving billions of dollars to the Iranians. We knew what they were going to do – they didn’t stutter. The Deep State, the One World Government, is the pre-repentant Tony Stark who made his billions by fomenting war and selling his weapons and technology to both sides. We're supposed to hate that level of greed, as a fictional character.  Yet take that archetype and make it real, operating in the present-day with the authority of world governments, as the collective media actively sells their narrative to us – and we’ll go ahead and buy it, paying whatever interest they charge. It feels like layers of twistedness woven through smokescreens of lies in a collective attack on the Jewish people.

But don’t forget that other thing our great-grandchildren will be paying for: our proxy, undeclared war against Russia. So where does Ukraine enter in, other than the petroleum boards that launder money for the children of Pelosi, Romney and Biden? In addition to such rampant corruption, Ukraine was a hotbed of Nazis during WWII. Back in 2022, Putin declared one of his reasons to enter Ukraine was to stop the Nazis who were still operating there, as they grew in number. With that in mind, it’s as though Russia remains on the side of the Allies, while America and Canada, France and the UK, among other countries, have defected to the Axis powers. Biden blew up Nordstream to make sure that Germany couldn’t change its mind and go back to buying Russian oil – it might have shown remorse for the role it played back in the day. Hungary is the new Switzerland, it would seem, in how it is showing great courage by resisting the New World Order, yet not joining Russia either.

I'm just recognizing the dots that are public, and connecting them.  I don’t trust Russian propaganda, but that doesn’t mean I trust Ukraine’s – and post-Covid, I sure won’t accept as true whatever the American media is selling us. This cynicism may pickle the brain, but for now I’ll just say that it’s preserving it.

Biden has combined these wars, by bundling the finances into one war, now with the support, er “leadership”, of the theoretically fiscal conservatives. I can only hope that with a new House Speaker we might get some sanity. I like what little I know of him, but I’m not holding my breath.


Biden was tanking in every aspect of his residency: from cognitively to physically to economically, and quite dramatically at our very own border – but please don’t forget about him selling America out to China or all of the lies that surrounded that. He tried to rebrand Biden-omics into something positive, and when that was proven laughable, he brought about all the right conditions to start a war against Israel. His handlers, whoever they may be, all of a sudden became competent, by remembering how Republicans won’t say ‘No’ to Israel.

Otherwise reasonable people are now carrying his water, and forgetting his publicly recognized crimes, by stating that all of the money that our great-grandchildren are spending on Ukraine and Israel is actually just being spent within the US’ military industrial complex. How is breaking the economy good for us?

Biden found something to unite America: starting WWIII. Congratulations?