Armageddon and Eucatastrophe

All the great dystopian novels have some form of totalitarian State; a Big Brother of one form or another. We know these, as they are seared into our cultural mindset. Right now, I wonder if we all think, not necessarily consciously though, that the dystopia of fiction is both inevitable and close to reality. I can’t help but wonder if we actually want it.

The Terminator has a version that is in operation right now, with Artificial Intelligence controlling the people – we have all accepted Google’s invasiveness as normal. V has its application right now, with all the governments of the world experimenting on its own people in the name of Safety. Orwell has two applications in today’s world: both with the elites’ being “more equal” than others, as well as Big Brother’s unwillingness to have a martyr, so the brainwashing narrative is pushed until it is accepted, before the bullet to the back of the head comes. And don’t forget Huxley, with his take on children’s “erotic play” being front and center on our screens and in our schools. Somehow the Hunger Games also seems apparent, not so much in the game of life and death, but more with the seriousness of life and death being played at, as a game.

And we are not putting up a fight. Not really, anyway.

Fauci, and those who have been supporting him, are not being tried for treason or crimes against humanity. Our elections, many of which have been proven false, are simply referred to as having been “fortified” and nobody is behind bars and no results are changed – even Biden went on a bizarre rant, where he sounded like a crazy-Lenin regarding who counts the ballots.

I don't trust our media or our elite government deep-state anymore than I trust Russia's. When they blame each other, I see their collusion; I see them being in it together. I am not convinced that the media of the US is one iota better than the media of Russia - even the FBI and the KGB are the same coin, yet on different sides of the world.

Even with all of that right in front of me, I am not doing anything different – I am living out my life, as in the days of Noah, without becoming a mad prepper or turning myself into Darryl from the Walking Dead. Granted, I do think about doing just exactly that, and more often than I dare to acknowledge. Because it is coming – Jesus spoke of it.

He said it was going to happen – that it was a predictable, coming storm, that we can see on the horizon. I don't know where to run to escape it, though -- except into the storm -- to God, the Heavenly Father, the Creator and Sustainer of all things.  I'm thinking that escaping isn't the point, but rather enduring is.

Although it will be more horrific than we can imagine, through the battle comes salvation.  Kind of like the birth process.

Come, Lord Jesus. Bring Your judgement. Bring Your justice.  Your church is eager for the birth of Your glory.

Of course, I don’t know what I’m asking; I have no clue. Only, I do know You, and You are trustworthy and faithful. You are wise and true. You are patient and willing to save. You are God, and I am Yours.